Criteria according to which large banks grant loans

Criteria according to which large banks grant loans

The criteria according to which large banks grant loans are not always easy to understand. Often, seemingly small things are decisive – and the loan request is rejected without asking.

If you ask your bank for the reasons, you will often only hear general information. “The credit rating is not sufficient” or: “Your Credit bureau is too bad,” it says, for example.

In fact, Credit bureau information plays a very central role at the big banks. If negative characteristics are stored in your “file”, taking out loans is almost impossible.

Because if the Credit bureau score is too low, you will be “sorted out” in the big money houses and found “not creditworthy”. Nobody is interested in your current financial situation.

This can lead to the strange situation that you cannot get a loan despite a high income – simply because the Credit bureau still stores negative things from the past. Your chances of doing something about it are zero.

Loan declined? You can do that

Loan declined? You can do that

Nevertheless, you do not have to put up with the rejection of your loan request at the house bank. Across lender ensures that you get a second (or third or fourth) chance even if your credit has been declined.

We promise you: We will not reject your loan request prematurely just because you have a “bad job”. Rather, we make every effort to help you even in difficult situations.

Across lender has been helping people like you get cheap loans for more than 40 years. You can also get an attractive loan with negative Credit bureau characteristics and a poor credit rating.

Three reasons why receipt credit can help you:

  1. Our finance experts have many, many years of experience.
  2. We have the best contacts to banks and other donors.
  3. We look for a loan for you from up to 20 different banks.

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